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Why Your Organization Should Have a Health Literacy Plan!

Why Your Organization Should Have a Health Literacy Plan!

Is improving health literacy a high enough priority in your organization? Maybe you need big and small changes to communicate more effectively. If so, you need a plan in place to support and carry out those changes! The National Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy includes seven broad goals with multiple high level strategies that can be used as a framework for developing your own organizational plan or for providing a justification for your efforts to address health literacy.

Visit our, “Developing an Organizational Plan” webpage to get detailed information on the steps to creating an organization plan, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Identifying advocates
  2. Getting buy-in
  3. Creating the than
  4. Building awareness
  5. Monitoring progress
  6. Institutionalizing your plan

It is imperative that health organizations take steps to ensure information, products, and services are accessible and understandable. However, it is essential that those steps are coordinated and strategic to improve health literacy. You can also visit the CDC Action Plan web page to answer questions like, “Why does CDC have a health literacy action plan?” and “How can this plan help my organization?” Please take advantage of all the tools available on the CDC Health Literacy site and help your organization start changing today!