Free Health Literacy Webinars

The MAXIMUS Center for Health Literacy’s “Communications Tune Up” is offering series of free webinars, a follow-up to the successful “Design That Delivers” series, will focus on strategies for clear and effective print, digital and mobile communication. Experts from the Center for Health Literacy will share tips to make complicated information easier to read and understand. Each one-hour webinar will include a discussion forum for questions and answers.

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Recordings are available

  • March 28 – Plain Language 101: Making Sense of Complex Content
  • April 25 – Quick and Easy Field Testing: Asking for Affirmation, Corrections and Suggestions
  • May 30 – Design for Readability: Creating Visual Order
  • June 27 – Making Content Accessible: Removing Barriers to Print and Web Information
  • July 11 – Getting the Message Out: Planning and Implementing Public Health Campaigns
  • August 15 – Removing Language Barriers: Reaching Your Spanish Speaking Audience