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News from the Partnership’s Professional Education Workgroup

The Professional Education Workgroup is involved with implementing cathy-irwinstrategies to meet the following goals: 1) Develop a marketing plan to guide professional education efforts, 2) Advocate for health systems change, 3) Assess awareness of health literacy and cultural competence among medical professionals, and 4) Provide health literacy education for medical professionals. Continue reading

Evaluating Health Communication Lecture Series

The National Library of Medicine recently uploaded a series of webcast recordings entitled Better health: Evaluating health communication.

[This series highlights] innovative approaches and best practices in evaluating health communication. As the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and NLM diversify their use of mass communication channels to dispatch health information, a fresh consideration of evaluation’s cutting edge is timely and important. Continue reading

Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast


Diagnosing Your Practice with Low Health Literacy (HLOL #96)Darren DeWalt
Darren DeWalt, MD, is practicing physician and associate professor in the division of general internal medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill… In this podcast, Dr. DeWalt talks with Helen Osborne about:

  • Universal precautions and health literacy. How combining these concepts can help patients better understand health information.
  • A tool to “diagnose” if your practice has low health literacy.
  • Ways to prioritize health literacy problems and implement effective solutions.

Visit to listen to the podcast.

PHLA Meeting Friday

The Partnership for Health Literacy in Arkansas Steering Committee will hold its monthly meeting Friday, May 17 1:30-3:00pm at the  UAMS Center for Rural Health.  The two main agenda items will be: the Arkansas Health Literacy Action Plan and the upcoming General Membership Meeting on June 21. Continue reading

APHA Presentations

Two Partnership for Health Literacy in Arkansas Steering Committee members gave presentations at last week’s Arkansas Public Health Association Annual Meeting:

Catherine Irwin and Sherian Kwanisai gave a presentation entitled “Health Literacy Training Program for the Arkansas Department of Health.” See: Health Literacy Training Program and Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit. Irwin is Chair of PHLA’s Professional Education Workgroup.

Gail Lowery gave a presentation entitled “Using Plain Language to Improve Communication with Minority Groups about Cancer.” Lowery is Chair of PHLA’s Plain Language Workgroup.

Upcoming PHLA Events

Dear Partner for Health Literacy,
There are two upcoming events that the Partnership for Health Literacy in Arkansas would like you to be aware of. First, the Arkansas Public Health Association will have its Annual Meeting next week May 8-10 at the Hot Springs Convention Center. On site registration will open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Wednesday. The cost is $50 for one day or $70.00 for all three days for APHA members, more for non-members. APHA membership is $26 per year. More information is available at the APHA website: Continue reading

Mid-Winter Conference Report

The Partnership for Health Literacy in Arkansas hosted its second annual Mid-Winter Conference on Health Literacy on Thursday, January 24, 2013.  The purpose of the day-long conference was to promote collaboration between the health care system and the adult education community. The meeting was held at the Arkansas Department of Health with video-teleconferencing to locations around the state. Approximately 100 people attended the conference in person at the Health Department auditorium and another 20 through tele-conferencing.  We especially wish to thank Arkansas Children’s Hospital and the Arkansas Cancer Coalition for their sponsorships, which made the conference possible.

Continue reading